Advertising techniques

It’s always interesting to learn about the different techniques advertisers use to get us to buy their products. For our writing lesson today, we are going to compare two advertisements for the same product, let’s take a look:

First advertisement

Second advertisement

Now we are going to watch them again. This time, you will be taking notes. Here are some questions to think about:

  • What is the purpose of the advertisements?
  • Who is the target audience? How do you know?
  • How are these advertisements trying to persuade you to buy the product?


Said is dead!

We are learning to make our writing more interesting. One way we can do this is to get rid of boring words like ‘said‘, ‘good‘ and ‘nice‘.

Here are some of the words we thought of that we could use instead of said:

  • asked
  • answered
  • yelled
  • suggested
  • screeched
  • told
  • cried
  • wondered
  • begged
  • announced
  • sobbed
  • shouted
  • agreed
  • whispered
  • sighed
  • screamed
  • replied
  • squealed
  • thought

Sizzling Starts Part 2

Room 2 did a great job of writing sizzling starts for information reports. Here are a few examples:

Tigers – by Charli

Come on a safari adventure  to see the true king of the jungle.

Tigers – by Oscar

This fierce creature is bigger than any picture in a book. These are deadly and big! Now I’ll take you to the wild for a little adventure!

The Beach – by Nikhil 3

The beach my friend is a place where many people go. Some beaches are closed to keep you safe. the beach is truly a beautiful place.

The Beach – by Catherine

A trip to the beach is a wonderful experience. There are many fascinating things there. Come join me. It’s an adventure! 

Popcorn – by Khang

Do you know how to cook popcorn? Do you know how to make it the best way? Well come with me on a poppy adventure. POP!

School – by Jasmin

Come with me and let’s go to a school. Come with me and see!!! Let’s go and explore!! 

Sizzling Starts

This week we have been learning to write ‘sizzling starts’ for our information reports. Even though these are factual texts, we still need to make them interesting for our readers. We looked through some texts to find out what makes a great introduction:

20160525_110237 20160525_110316

Here’s what we came up with:


We liked introductions that were:

  • short and sharp
  • a bit weird
  • funny.

We liked introductions that included:

  • a few interesting facts
  • adjectives
  • pictures
  • questions
  • a care factor (it made us care about the topic).

Today we are going to have a go at writing our own introductions! We look forward to sharing these with you later 🙂

Interesting Information Reports

Let’s watch an information report about ants!


While we are watching this video, I would like you to take notes of the interesting facts and ideas.

How does David Attenborough keep you entertained throughout this report? How could you use these techniques in your own writing?