What makes a good friend?

Today we got together with the students in Room 1 to discuss what makes a good friend. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Someone who tries their best to make others happy – Henry
  • Someone that looks after you – Charli
  • Sharing is caring!
  • Somebody you trust and who trusts you as well – Catherine
  • Someone you never take out of your heart.
  • Being nice and no fighting – Calvin
  • Letting people join in.
  • Not being nasty. Always being kind.
  • Never leaving others out of a game.
  • Somebody who supports you – Oscar
  • Having fun with your friends.
  • Respecting others – Jasmin
  • Playing with your best friends – Yesareg
  • Encouraging each other – Aziza

To celebrate being great friends, we worked together to make friendship bracelets:


20160525_145551 20160525_145603  20160525_150038 20160525_15053620160525_145808


Over the past fortnight, the students in Room 2 (and the rest of SAEPS) have been learning about friendship. Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Friendship is being nice to each other – Jasmin
  • Friendship is where you can trust someone else and they can trust you – Charli
  • Friendship is caring about others – Catherine
  • Friendship is when you are there for someone – Khang
  • Friendship is about being polite and making friends – Ramla
  • Friendship is playing with others – Nikhil 3
  • Friendship is about saying sorry when you have done something wrong – Lency
  • Friendship is support – Emmanuel
  • Friendship is sharing and helping – Nikhil 4
  • Friendship is about making each other happy – Oscar