Bulldogs Program

This week we had our first session of the Bulldogs program. Through this program we will be learning all about the AFL and the Western Bulldogs. We will also learn football skills and important values including team work, respect and cooperation.

On Tuesday we learnt the following things:

  • There is about 50 players on the Bulldogs’ list. If they don’t play in the AFL they play in the VFL (Victorian Football League) – Charli
  • The Western Bulldogs used to be called the Footscray Bulldogs – Leroy
  • If Bulldogs have a victory, they sing their team song – Tyrese
  • Luke Beveridge is the coach of the Bulldogs – Oscar
  • The Western Bulldogs will have a girls’ team next year – Rakshiga
  • The Western Bulldogs captain is Robert Murphy. His nickname is Bob – Nikhil 4
  • The Bulldogs wear blue, white and red – Yesareg

After we learnt about the Bulldogs, Shane and Matt gave us a challenge – to create a new guernsey and team name for the Western Bulldogs. Here’s what we came up with:


The Western Hedgehogs: 


The Western Suns: 


The Western Pizzas: 


The Western Stars: 


The Western Power Ups:


The Western Girls:


The Western Checkers:


The Western Dragons:


The Western Flowers:


At the end of the session, we learnt how to sing the Western Bulldogs theme song. We are excited for next week’s session.

Bugs Alive!

On Friday the 15th of April, the grade 3/4 students travelled by bus to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX theatre. We had a fantastic day looking at different bugs, playing on the playground and watching Flight of the Butterflies in 3D. Upon our return, the students were challenged to write something interesting about their day. Here is some of their work:

Darkness was all around me. Light suddenly appeared then butterflies were coming towards me with their big wings. It was amazing. Everyone in their seats reached out and tried to catch a butterfly. But every time they tried, they caught nothing.

By Shykeena


No way, is that a real spider there? I went closer to look if it was real or not and I saw that it wasn’t moving. I said, “naughty spiders, you tricked me!” I went to see the other spiders and I saw spiders the colours of brown and black.

By Lency