This week in Maths we have been learning all about symmetry. We went on a hunt around the school to find symmetry in our environment and we used pattern blocks to create symmetrical models. Here is what we have discovered:

  • Symmetry is like a reflection of a shape. It is same on both sides. – Khang
  • When you draw an object and you put a mirror in the middle, you can see the symmetry. – Charli
  • A shape can have more than one line of symmetry. – Emmanuel
  • Down ball courts and table tennis tables are symmetrical. – Calvin
  • The monkey bars on the playground are symmetrical. – Catherine
  • ‘R’ is not a symmetrical letter. – Rakshiga
  • Symmetry is everywhere. – Khang
  • The windows in our classroom are symmetrical. – Shykeena

And here are some of our own symmetrical creations:

20160204_145321 20160204_145337 20160204_145558 20160204_145751 20160204_145806 20160204_145835 20160208_120809 20160208_121607 20160208_121740 20160208_121837 20160211_125428 20160211_125601

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