Bugs Alive!

On Friday the 15th of April, the grade 3/4 students travelled by bus to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX theatre. We had a fantastic day looking at different bugs, playing on the playground and watching Flight of the Butterflies in 3D. Upon our return, the students were challenged to write something interesting about their day. Here is some of their work:

Darkness was all around me. Light suddenly appeared then butterflies were coming towards me with their big wings. It was amazing. Everyone in their seats reached out and tried to catch a butterfly. But every time they tried, they caught nothing.

By Shykeena


No way, is that a real spider there? I went closer to look if it was real or not and I saw that it wasn’t moving. I said, “naughty spiders, you tricked me!” I went to see the other spiders and I saw spiders the colours of brown and black.

By Lency



Welcome to our blog!

Hi Room 2,

Welcome to our class blog. I have set this space up as a place to share our learning and the things happening in our classroom. It will be lots of fun and all of you will get to contribute!

You will find information about homework on here along with class reminders and upcoming school events. You can use this blog to show your families some of the wonderful things we do in our classroom. I have also put up some links to great websites. You can click on these to explore and learn new things.

I hope you are all as excited as I am to get started with this blog. I look forward to working on it with you all :)